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Nominations to fill citywide teacher, PSRP and clinician delegate vacancies were held on October 23 and 25, 2018. In the categories that received nominations, the number of nominees was either equal to or less than the number of positions available. As a result, the positions were filled without opposition.

Congratulations to the new delegates who were officially seated at the October 31, 2018, House of Delegates meeting.

TT: Temporary Teacher Prov. Cert. Substitute Teacher, Temporary Teacher Day-To-Day Substitute Teacher, Temporary Teacher Cadre, Temporary Teacher Displaced FTB Cadre 100 Days, Downtown/District Offices & Special Ed. Displaced FTB’s Cadre

  1. Corey D. Braddock

SC: School Clerk Assistant, School Clerk I, Interpreter Clerk, Special Education Support Clerk, School Clerk I (Bilingual – Spanish), Postsecondary Liaison, Computer Technician, Technology Coordinator I, II & III

  1. Deborah Butler
  2. Jacqueline Campbell
  3. Bethsaida Garcia

TA: School Assistant I & II, Teacher Assistant I & II, School Assistant (Blg. – Spanish) I & II, School Assistant (Blg.) I & II, Teacher Assistant (Blg. – Spanish) I & II, Teacher Assistant (Blg.) I & II, Teacher Assistant Montessori Program I & II, Educational Sign Language Interpreter I & II, School Social Service Assistant and Instructor Assistant I & II

  1. Darrell Brackenridge
  2. Benjamin Bontempo
  3. Latonya Bullocks
  4. Jacqueline Casimir
  5. Sherry Jordan
  6. Luwanda Johnson Harper
  7. Kathryn Schmidt
  8. Shakita Smith
  9. Jeanine Trice
  10. Kimberly Watson

DT: Instructional Support Leader, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Teacher Citywide

  1. Mary Difino
  2. David Temkin

ST: Speech Language Pathologist, Audiologists

  1. Sheresa L. Matthews

Maria Moreno is the CTU Financial Secretary.

This article appears in the November-December 2018 issue of the Chicago Union Teacher.

November-December 2018 print cover