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CTU All-Member Meeting

Board of Education Rally

South Side Labor Day Parade

CPS educators start working without a contract in:

Contract Fight Overview

Bargaining for the schools Chicago students deserve

  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Fair Pay & Benefits
  • Fully Staffed Supports
  • Justice for Families

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Latest Bargaining Update

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1 day ago
We have 25,000 school leaders. We’re rallying for a fair contract. #faircontractnow #standwithCTU https://t.co/doPiQXMQjQ
2 days ago
So it seems like members are sharing pics of their CTU gear in their closets, an activity our union did not sanction YET WE'RE TOTALLY HERE FOR IT. #faircontractnow #standwithCTU https://t.co/740xPToIcv CTULocal1 photo
3 days ago
So, we don't have enough for lower class sizes, trauma supports, nurses and librarians but CPS bureaucracy can grow at a rate that outpaces all other urban districts? Good to know. The earliest we can strike is Sept. 25. #faircontractnow #standwithCTU https://t.co/WIQiMgji9A
4 days ago
The CTU Speaks! podcast is out today! Find the first episode, "Are We Striking?" on Spotify, SoundCloud, PlayerFM, Stitcher and TuneIn. #faircontractnow #standwithCTU https://t.co/5lAFYJCGZL
4 days ago
Texas: More funds help low-income kids of color when spent on lower class sizes, more student support services -- exactly what @CTULocal1 is fighting for in Chicago: https://t.co/NulNi9ighu #FairContractNow #PutItInWriting #KeepYourPromiseLori

My Union

Caring, united, democratic: CTU is more than 25,000 teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians acting as one. Learn about fellow members. Ensure that union staff can keep you in the loop. Participate in our democracy.

My Rights

In every school and workplace, unity in action protects our members and the students we serve. Learn how to stand up for your rights, unite with fellow CTU members, and get help from CTU staff when you need it.

My Movement

Along with parents, students and community we advocate for the schools – and the city – that our students deserve. Learning, working and living conditions are not separate. Together, our Union wages a comprehensive fight.

Educators of Chicago

No educator’s impact can ever be fully measured, which is why your daily struggles and victories deserve to be told. In the Chicago Teachers Union, we celebrate one another.

Your Union is Here to Help

Caring, united, democratic: CTU is more than 25,000 teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians acting as one.

Campaign Initiatives

Fighting for Fair Contracts

We’re continuing to bargain contracts with charter operators at CTU’s unionized charter schools — and for more than 25,000 CTU educators at district-run schools, where our contract expires after this school year. Our unity, our strength and our power must be organized and deployed to win good pay and good conditions for teaching and learning in the Chicago Public Schools.


The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve 2.0

This 2018 update to CTU’s 2012 report, The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve provides a counter-narrative to the corporate agenda on education. SCSD 2.0 highlights the many racist inequities that have continued, or in some cases worsened, since 2012. CTU has a track record of fighting for reforms to change these realities, which is why Chicagoans continue to trust the CTU more than the Board of Education, more than Mayor Emanuel and more than any “reformer” backed by billionaires and corporate foundations.